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Woke up at THREE. Was supposed to wake up hours earlier. Hoouuurrrs. Was gonna go to the city, buy a bra, a superman outfit (noooot kidding), and a CAKE. But apparently, the fact I sleep like the dead doesn't even matter because the shops are closed today. UGH UGH UGH ASCENSION, I care for you not. Why not just open the city for the hardcore atheists for a day? JUST US. By the entrance they'll have a guard screaming at people, 'EVOLUTION: TRUTH OR FARCE?' and only those who answer with 'AS A TRUE SCIENTIFICALLY MINDED PERSON I CANNOT RULE OUT THE LIKELIHOOD (NO MATTER HOW MINUSCULE) OF ANY POSSIBILITY!' get to come in, because being PC is hot. And then we shop for bras. OR, it can be a Jews/Muslims/Hindus day! The rest of Dutchland will remember (well, more like, 'ponder heavily') how Hesus took the two-way escalator up to heaven, while the rest of us contemplate world peace while deciding on bra sizes. I CAN FIT IN THAT GROUP! I can be a bit less secular for a day. I CAN. And if pretending to be more religious than I am in order to buy a bra and/OR get a discount isn't Jewish, then I don't know what is.

LOLOL look at that paragraph. How many people did I just piss off within the span of ten lines? I should get a medal.

I have a book to read. Before tomorrow. Because there's an essay due on Monday. I should do that now. I should reaaally really go do that now. I should seeerrriously go--

OH HEY how about I make a list of all the fics I haven't finished yet. SHORT TERM MEMORY GAME! I have no idea what I just said three seconds ago, what book I have to read? I don't know anything about a book WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I HAVE NO BOOK TO READ.

  1. Obviously, first on the list is Merlin Big Bang. Due next month, only one fourth in. Shitcakes.

  2. Collab with [personal profile] aeroport_art! HSKJDF V EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE. Can't say much, but !!!

  3. Medieval roadtrip!Fic. Which I started four months ago. In which M and A run away on accident, get kidnapped on accident, get dumped in Denmark on accident, and have to find their way back home. THEY DRESS UP AS GIRLS! GET DRUNK! FIGHT PIGS AND BEOWULF MAKES A CAMEO APPEARANCE! How can this possibly go wrong. (LOL, why haven't I written this yet?)

  4. The forget-me-not fic. Best idea I've ever had. Dunno why I'm not on it right now. WELL NO, I know why, but still. This is the one where Merlin is invisible and puts flowers in Arthur's hair for the lolz.

  5. EXILE VS HOME FIC! Because everyone's gotta have one of these. TWO-PARTER. Part one: Angst, then porn, then fluff. PART TWO: EMO AND EMO AND DYSFUNCTIONAL AND EMO and then Merlin wants to be a knight. A KNIGHT, goddamnit.

  6. MY EX-GIRLFRIEND'S BOYFRIEND MODERN AU! The one where Merlin is pathetic but still badass, Morgana is a slob and Arthur teaches Judo. I actually have 10K of this already. HAHA, as much as my MBB D: This one is the one I want to write most. It's about friendship first, porn later, and YOU KNOW WHAT. I like that. FRIENDSHIPS? Pretty awesome.

  7. Working title: We Could Totally Stop If We Wanted To. OR! All The Boys Used To Do This To Each Other Back Home Really Arthur I Don't Know What You're Panicking About It's Totally Normal I'm Being Totally Serious Right Here So Just Put Your Hand Back Whe--Oh Yes Like That Don't Stop. (DOES THIS EVEN NEED AN EXPLANATION?)

  8. AN RPF. I thought I had written all I wanted to write about the boys, but apparently, there's still some sick story tellin' left in me. This is the one where everyone wants to kill each other, Bradley thinks he knows how to solve it, TURNS OUT HE DOES NOT, they're all sent on a motivational camping trip, are forced to talk about their feelings, and someone makes a condom joke. (...I REALLY DON'T KNOW. I was on a bus and bored and thought of this. Don't blame me, blame public transportation.)

  9. LOOK A HARRY POTTER FIC. Sorry, HP fandom, I haven't forgotten you. An AS/S boardingschool!AU which I've been pining for forEVER. Inspired by mah man, Seaaan W. I know I've already written a fic influenced by Wilsey's work, BUT HE'S JUST SO GOOD I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN.

Now, on a different note, before I really have to stop pretending I don't have shit to do, a very awkward bout of linkage for LJ. I have no explanation for this. Uuuhhmmm. Yep.

at least it would seem that we don't | M/A | AU | NC17 | WARNING/SUMMARY/PROMPT: "Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation, one time they get re-born as brothers." Click at own risk!

Other than that, I have little else to share. BE HAPPY FOR IT. Fhdjfhg gonna go read now. Funtimes!
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Collab with aeroport_art! HSKJDF V EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE. Can't say much, but !!!


But also, ALL OF THESE

ALSO I THINK THAT the fact that things pretty much have to be open on religious holidays is one of my favorite things about the US. HERE YOU CAN BUY BRAS/EAT CHINESE/GO TO THE MOVIES PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME
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It's good since I think I am going to need some awesome ones because apparently as a mod for any gayms-like thing I will need to be posting saucy photographs.

Thanks for that, btw. THANKS.

(this just posted as whole new comment because apparently dw still has a few kinks or something but i will try to delete it)
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