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H ([personal profile] derryere) wrote 2009-05-29 04:58 pm (UTC)

I WAS JUST POSTING A COMMENT. And usually you get it back by going back, but it was just--COMPLETELY GONE. My rage, it was unparalleled. For a whole of three seconds. Then I went, AH, shits, and padded over to DW :3

I wonder if I could get LJ to pay for the funeral. PROBABLY ONLY THE CATERING. Or, like, the crisps and fizzies. FROM THE ALDI.

Ugh, hair. You can't even see when I cut it. IT'S THE SAME. I'm trying to grow it long again, and right now it's in that stage of 'LOL I WANNA LOOK LIKE CRAP', aaaand it'll probably stay like that for a good year longer before it'll look like anything that didn't crawl out of the butt of the 80's. MAH HAIR, it grows at a glacial pace, I swear D:

AHAH WHAT WHAT! I have exams! I HAVE THEM, PLENTY OF 'M. Or, well, ACTUALLY just one exam and an essay. Iiinnnn--uhhm, two, three weeks? ISH. OHMY. THAT IS NOT LONG AT ALL D:

Have fun with it. :o) I SHALL SPEND IT ALL ON A BOUNCY CASTLE. My 7-year old self would die of excitement overload. Only, no, I lie. Adulthood? Not that great. I want a refund.

OH HEY WACHT. Ik kan gewoon in het Nederlands tegen je aanlullen, ofniet? OH, GRAPPIG, IS DIT. GRAPPIG.

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