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LIVEJOURNAL DIED. In the meanwhile, have some thoughts,

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As you know, I am from the US, where I attended Uni taking 4 classes a semester every semester for 4 years.

My sister goes to st andrews and is currently doing a year in stockholm, where she has approximately 3 hours of class a week and spends the rest of the time on booze cruises, going to the arctic circle, playing soccer, making epic feasts and constantly drinking.


also at first i thought that said, "cocaine really freaked me out"


My new favorite song is about a black bear. Literally.
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Well, maybe you should head up there, cause you can go on dog sled rides and stay in ice hotels and...stuff? You did the switch, ehhhh?

EVERY SINGLE TERM. It got super super annoying, especially when I was in my last year and taking like "intro to logic" because of course it was NECESSARY to my being a well-rounded individual who can spout the necessary sufficient cases for me DEGREE IN PUBLIC RELATIONS.
Which I promptly abandoned but STILL.

I actually haven't seen it, but Gaiman is usually creepy, and so is Burton, so together I can really only imagine.

It actually is not the new phoenix song BUT YOU ARE RIGHT THAT SHIT IT HOT.
When I got that leak off the internet I made a post that was basically just TEAM FOOT LISTEN TO THIS NOWWWWW because the first few songs, man, they are SO GREAT. I was making them the soundtrack to my modern au crack fic but then it got abandoned for BB.