Mar. 21st, 2010

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I'm guessing it's my provider, because everyone else in this house is having trouble with the interwebs aaaand I'm still getting notifications. SO, IN OTHER WORDS, my internet has locked me out of LJ. WHERE EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN. TOGETHER. RIGHT NOW. I bet something HUGE is happening. I bet a pic of BJ making out with CM on a seedy streetcorner came out and everyone is going BATSHIT and the blogs are exploding and people are running around into walls and flailing and randomly putting on wigs AND I AM NOT GETTING ANY OF THE ACTION BECAUSE I GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE PARTY GODDAMIT

I know this is getting redundant, but holy shit, this week was HECTIC. After that last post, I went off to get my education on and have been jerked around from class to class to SLEEPING ON COUCHES to class to trying to go out and dance but failing on account of horrible music to SLEEPING ON MATTRESS (with [personal profile] zarathuse for blanket) to class to library to HOME to sleep to waking up and finding lj is out.

WHYYYYY IS LJ OUT I NEEDED IT TO NOT BE DEAD I NEEDED TO BE INVOLVED WITH THE REAL LIFE OF OTHER PEOPLE as opposed to the people at uni who I'm sure are some kind of made up fake persona in people-suits because no one can really be that uninteresting right. RIGHT.

But I'm only here to whine, really. I just found out that next week will be crazier, that there are even MORE essays and MORE portfolios and MORE 'idk-why-the-fuck-you-need-to-do-this but-I'm-a-prof-so-you'll-do-what-I-tell-you-to and-fuck-me-you'll-smile-while-doing-it' AND MORE TEARS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT ANY OF THIS :(


Hahaha WELCOME TO MY PITY PARTY! TONIGHT'S THEME ISSSS SELF-RIGHTEOUS RAAAANTING! Please bring a friend and any novel from the established canon to burn on the pyre! GOOD TIMES WILL BE HAD.

Aaaah fuck it all. I'm gonna get me something to drink. Then write some more porn. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT 3 AM IS ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE.


(butlj'stilldown boo :()

PS I WANT A FIC WHERE MERLIN FINDS AN UNDERGROUND MAGIC-USER CLUB IN CAMELOT. With, like, only kids his age--street urchins and milk-maids and random pages from the castle, and there's a fast-talking pipe-smoking twenty-year-old LEADER who's like this con-man person but can also make things float at will. AND SOME OF THE KIDS ACTUALLY HAVE POWERS, but some don't, and they're all trying to teach each other magic, and they're planning this revolt against the king, and it's sort of a crap plan that's NEVER going to work because no one can actually READ or write or whatever but they're all excited and they believe in their cause and everything. And when Merlin first finds them (idk how but I bet they have a super crappy hideout place, probably in the basement of the bakery, and when Merlin comes in one day after closing time to see if he could maybe get some buns b/c yes he knows it's ten at night but Arthur is throwing a tantrum and REALLY wants some buns), they panic and think he'll rat them out and decide to KILL HIM and he's like, WHOA! WHOA! LET'S NOT DO ANYTHING RASH OKAY! but ends up having to show them his magic to get them to trust him. SO OF COURSE THEY MAKE HIM A MEMBER OF THEIR CLUB AFTER THAT, even though he's awkward about it. But then he's suddenly a PART of a club, and the leader dude (uh, um, uhhh, Leonard? Leo?) is all into him and NICE and treats him like an EQUAL and they have their crazy little magic games like he makes something float and Merlin would make it explode mid-air, and so he's hanging out more and more with Leo and the club and Arthur's feeling neglected and emo and those abandonment issues resurface again andRead more... )

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