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H ([personal profile] derryere) wrote 2009-05-19 08:32 pm (UTC)

you have more control over who's reading? TRUE! And, also, smaller flist. I'm not one for friends cut, at all, but I've gotta admit--this is nice too :D

HAHA AWH, I'M SORRY! KMM = kinkme_merlin :D

if smelly! OH, my mum? JUST did henna'd her hair in the bathroom. Like, seconds again. My room is next to the bathroom. I WOULD LIKE TO AGREE ON THE SMELL. OHMYGOD D:

will i still want this thing when i am old and wrinkly? XD THE THING IS, I don't think I'd like much of anything that I did in the past when I'm old and wrinkly. If I know myself well enough :P I'll resent whatever choice I make EITHER WAY, so I'm pretty easy with that. And with tattoos, I just love the idea, the tradition and meaning it can have to it (which is absolutely not always the case, TRUE). BUT YES. I do think I like--well, LOVE this enough to actually get it done. IT JUST HITS ALL MY ME THINGS IN ONE GO--the language and the origin and the story, it really fits. More so than any other idea I've had before, either way :D SO I'M OPTIMISTIC! And maybe when I actually have the moneyz, I'll back out immediately, WHO KNOWS XD

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