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Up until now I wasn't sure what to use DW for. Crossposting? Sure. Catching up w/ the flist twice a day so that I don't miss anything? NATURALLY. But an actual PURPOSE? As in, WHY DW and not LJ? Eh. Shrug, is what I have to say about that.


NOW IT'S TODAY, and I have found a reason. This will be the place where I dump all the shame that has no place on my old journal. If you wonder why I don't update that often, well, there you go. MOST OF THE THINGS I HAVE TO SAY ARE PRETTY EMBARRASSING, as are the fics I don't post.

Why I should be any less ashamed around here, I don't know. BUT THAT'S JUST HOW IT'S GONNA BE. UH. THIS DOESN'T MAKE A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE. It did a few seconds ago. Shit.


In two days. IN TWO DAYS. And, quite clearly, it's not MBB. It's a typo'd title of a KMM comment fic. Let me say that again. COMMENT. FIC. In two days! BAM, 15K. If only I could put this kind of crazy effort into MBB. Still, though. Comforting to know that, if needed, I'd be able to finish it within a week. NOT THAT I WOULD, but just. You know. THEORETICALLY. GOOD TO KNOW.

Funny/sick thing is? The only trend to my word count increase regarding fics atm is: the more morally dubious the subject, the more enthusiastically/quickly I write it.


Heyhey I'm gonna maybe get a tattoo next year. Haters: love you, but please not to give me any grief on this, because I love the idea a lot. LOVE. And if I do end up doing it (s'a matter of finding out how much it's going to cost), then it'll look something like thisss:

THAT IS A BACK BTW, if you're wondering, not a deformed leg or something. NOT MY BACK! Just A back. From the internets. And those are letters, not random doodles. Although that would have its own charm. BUT NO. WORDS! Hebrew. It says Hakol Mu'ar, which means Everything is Illuminated. AND YES, LIKE THE BOOK, but not BECAUSE of the book, but because of the story behind it with the love and the seeing it from space thing and BLABLA emotional shit about home country goes here, IN THE END IT'S JUST COOL AND SAPPY, OKAY :D

Now. Back to Conrad and the G's. Oh, homework, you are a piece of lowlife shit ♥

ETA, this icon! HIS NOSE. IT IS PINK. HOW IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST THING. (OH, and speaking of Arty/BJ and pink, do any of you guys ever get a moment just--randomly, sometimes, where you go, 'BJ is in love with Colsie M. It is so obvious it's almost painful. HE DOESN'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT, MY GOD.' ? I GET THOSE A LOT. And I am right. I KNOW I AM. I will never get over his ridiculous mancrush. Even when he's moved on, I WILL STILL BE MOONING OVER THIS. NGH ♥)
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Heh, I actually planned the opposite, as in, this would be the journal I wouldn't have to be ashamed of. Which is probably why I haven't posted anything yet.

I want a tattoo, too, but I can't decide on the design (plus, I don't really have the money). It is a good way to waste time, though, to try to settle on one.

LOL, BJ and his mancrushes are so entertaining. IDK, he's just so enthusiastic about everyone and everything, I can't help but love him (and be creepy and obsessive, but whatever).