San Francisco layover

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:27 am
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Hello! On my way to Vancouver/Seattle this Sunday (!), I will be having a nine-hour layover in SF, meaning I'll be able to be in the city pretty much from 11 to 4PM. I haven't been there since 2006 so I'd love to hang out downtown; if anyone wants to hang out please be in touch via any platform :-)
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I will be frank there is no serious analysis going on under the cut, mostly strings of words and punctuation marks:

Spiderman spoilers under the cut. SPIDERMAN. Je REFUSE, MARVEL. JUST SAY NO TO WEIRD SPELLING. )

I'm probably missing a lot but at least I got that out of my system. Fic incorporating this new canon into the MCU, I AM WAITING FOR YOU.

Last thing - I will just say it was a delightful experience watching this movie in the US. I know academically that US audiences are more engaged, especially in comedies/superhero films (from what I've heard), and this turned out to be SO TRUE here. I watched this in a full house theater, and there was not just laughter at various jokes, but sighs and gasps and excited rustling when the movie warranted it, and it was so much fun. The only experience I've had like that in Israel was watching Wonder Woman on opening night, which had the audience erupting in spontaneous applause multiple times, which was super gratifying and basically never happens in Israel.

*icon does not reflect my reaction the movie but is the only teenaged-superhero icon I have*

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