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Woke up at THREE. Was supposed to wake up hours earlier. Hoouuurrrs. Was gonna go to the city, buy a bra, a superman outfit (noooot kidding), and a CAKE. But apparently, the fact I sleep like the dead doesn't even matter because the shops are closed today. UGH UGH UGH ASCENSION, I care for you not. Why not just open the city for the hardcore atheists for a day? JUST US. By the entrance they'll have a guard screaming at people, 'EVOLUTION: TRUTH OR FARCE?' and only those who answer with 'AS A TRUE SCIENTIFICALLY MINDED PERSON I CANNOT RULE OUT THE LIKELIHOOD (NO MATTER HOW MINUSCULE) OF ANY POSSIBILITY!' get to come in, because being PC is hot. And then we shop for bras. OR, it can be a Jews/Muslims/Hindus day! The rest of Dutchland will remember (well, more like, 'ponder heavily') how Hesus took the two-way escalator up to heaven, while the rest of us contemplate world peace while deciding on bra sizes. I CAN FIT IN THAT GROUP! I can be a bit less secular for a day. I CAN. And if pretending to be more religious than I am in order to buy a bra and/OR get a discount isn't Jewish, then I don't know what is.

LOLOL look at that paragraph. How many people did I just piss off within the span of ten lines? I should get a medal.

I have a book to read. Before tomorrow. Because there's an essay due on Monday. I should do that now. I should reaaally really go do that now. I should seeerrriously go--

OH HEY how about I make a list of all the fics I haven't finished yet. SHORT TERM MEMORY GAME! I have no idea what I just said three seconds ago, what book I have to read? I don't know anything about a book WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I HAVE NO BOOK TO READ.

I actually have a list of these on PAPER on my notice board. Me. I don't even have my DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS ON MY NOTICE BOARD. Hello, my name is Derryere and these are my priorities: )

Now, on a different note, before I really have to stop pretending I don't have shit to do, a very awkward bout of linkage for LJ. I have no explanation for this. Uuuhhmmm. Yep.

at least it would seem that we don't | M/A | AU | NC17 | WARNING/SUMMARY/PROMPT: "Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation, one time they get re-born as brothers." Click at own risk!

Other than that, I have little else to share. BE HAPPY FOR IT. Fhdjfhg gonna go read now. Funtimes!

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