rural_juror: (R poor bored Antony)
G ([personal profile] rural_juror) wrote in [personal profile] derryere 2009-05-05 01:19 pm (UTC)

M/A DO A PODCAST. About general topics, their areas of expertise (idek - Arthur being a royal guy with responsibilities, Merlin being...his servant (aside - AU fic with Merlin as a Union Rep vs Arthur as the Fat Cat Owner (except not actually fat. Or a cat)) that resolve their conflict with whatever terms for the workers, that includes sex between them to seal the deal!). And someone sends in a topic about sex, and awkwardness beings, and so does puffing chests of "I KNOW ABOUT THE SEXINGS" but they really don't (and the one that seems like they don't, in fact does).

In the M/M/A, is Mordred grown up or still a kid?

Where did you get HTB, voldiecomm?

You know the next step in your Merlin fanning? COSPLAY. *dying*

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